“Kaleidoscope” – Black Belt KARATE

Black Belt KARATE – Kaleidoscope

“The Hanging Tree” – Heather Graham

The Hanging Tree

“The Jellybean Song” – The Fuxedos (on The Gong Show!!!)

Gong Show

“Gimme My Electro” – Ultraviolet

Gimme My Electro

  1. Hey
    Saw you at Shepherds Bush London last night and you are the bollocks!!! I’m always blown away by ZPZ every year but you added something special. Awsome player!!!

  2. james mendelson says:

    ryan..want to thank you for being so gracious in meeting my son and i in westbury ny after the show..your fluid approach to fzs compositions was a pleasure .you mentioned Barry Squire as a contact for possible work,any furthur information would be appreciated.thanx again ryan,great show …james .

    • Hi James! Thanks for the message, it was great meeting you and your son! I will email you with some info. I hope all is well!

      • james mendelson says:

        hey Ryan,really do appreciate info,and will attempt to contact Barry.Also,thank you for taking the inquiry seriously…im sure you must hear this kind of thing all the time,would enjoy hooking up either when i see my way to LA,or when you swing around to NY again…I promise you it wouldnt be a waste of your time to hear how i can lay it down..I have a diverse but solid way to my playing and only hope to expand beyond the NY music scene…would be interested in your opinion..thanks again James 631 877 5881

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