A Few Random Pictures

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Photos

Photo courtesy RonCleary.com


Photo by Eve Dulac-Ackley


Photo by Eve Dulac-Ackley


And that’s me with Emmitt Smith!


  1. What up Ryan,
    Fruie the Cosmik Debris (my user name on Dweezil Zappa World) Here I just want to say Welcome rookie i for one am so looking foreward to hear you split them skins.i’ll try to be brief i consider my self the Biggest Dweezil Zappa plays ZAPPA FAN EVER. Can’t wait for the Buffalo Show i have aquired 5 front row seats for me and family members.3 have no clue what thay are in for.Also looking foreward to my first ZPZ stage setlist with a Ryan Brown autograph on it. Well see you in Buffalo for my 11th zpz show and what a venue. Wait til you see kleinhans home to the B.P.O. The sound quality here is second to none here in Buffalo, ROCK on and Peace Fruie oh yeah happy halloween and surprise my friend.please take pictures.


  2. What up Ryan,

    Awesome performance you put on.The show Rocked as always i love the new addition to ZPZ.
    may i ask when you got your first drum kit.You got such a nice deep tone.I loved it.My favorite drummer is Bill Bruford his King Crimson days were the best Crimson.what about you who is your favorite drummer. So i am not currenyly on facebook but i have an awesome page at Dweezil Zappa World, my user name on DZW is Fruie the Cosmik Debris and i also have a page on You Tube there my user name is Fruie Cosmik Debris google would not let me put the word (the) in my name nuts i say lol ROCK on my Friend and shred them skins. Peace Fruie. PS where you from.

    • Hey Fruie! Thanks for the kind words! It was great meeting you. And thanks again for the drummer pictures/autographs!

      • Cool beans, I gotta ask dude what was it like to split them skins for Dweezil when he played Watermellon in Easter Hay.i have been waiting a long time to hear this awesome tune, Frank would be proud. Well Dweez nailed his part,So did you and as did the rest of this awesome band.If you get a chance Tell them all (the band) i love em and i sure miss seeing them. As soon as humanly possible I’ll be Front & Center. You’r a good guy Ryan my friend see you soon PEACE Fruie.

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